As I write this, I'm looking back on my first 70 years and am appalled at how slow I have been to learn things - and put them into practice. I have no one to blame for this, but given my mind always rated highly and before my stroke I used to be quick on the uptake, I am, in the words of Yes Minster, appalled. Three lessons in particular have transformed my life in the last few years. There have been other lessons such as Your God is too Small, but that came out of the first of these three.

The first is God NEVER stopped talking with people, except at their choice. When Israel asked Moses to act on their behalf, God accepted that, but it was never his number one choice. If you want to talk with God, you can. You don't have to be a Christian or follow any rituals - just talk.

The second is the Bible as we Westerners have taken it for 2,000 years is NOT the Bible Jesus knew (Old Testament) nor what His followers would have understood. When I became a Christian, I grew up in a tradition where the Bible was taken seriously with much debate around words and versions and so on. I've recently come to accept an alternate view. I heard the guy speak, and when he talked about the decade he spent documenting his understanding and then finding and fixing inconsistencies, I was intrigued.

There are other areas where this happens, but it's the first time I heard of "the Bible" being inconsistent (apart from the old OAC street presentations. I now understand that our Western mindset (from Plato and Aristotle) is quite different from the Hebrew mindset, which happens to be nearer the Maori mindset. The book that describes this is:

Systematic Theology for the New Apostolic Reformation - and exposition in Father-Son theology.

You can of course find negative views about it - as you can about other material I review. I only review material that has helped me. Often this means I have to risk it conflicting with my past views. At my stage of life, I have decided the risk of being in error with new understandings is less than the risk of staying in error, It took me almost a year to work through the three volumes of this book before I could willingly accept it. If you want to make up your own mind, check here:

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That will join you up with a chat group but does not allow you to chat. It simply allows you to read (not quite finished yet so don't go too fast. The only messages going out from this group are one per day as the final articles are published). Note I have generally changed spelling and grammar from the US to Kiwi, but the main thing to note is I have not included diagrams and notes.

The third big thing is something God (I believe) is showing me through a book we're just working through. It's called "Unlocking Kingdom Power: Five Keys to Divine Healing" by Tom Loud. The five keys don't just apply to healing, but he's chosen healing as an obvious example of something different happening.