Somewhat hesitantly I watched a film called "The God Question". Most films purporting to present Christian issues tend to be a bit hard to watch. This one surprised me and left me pondering - a rare thing for a jaded cynic.

I won't spoil the movie in case you happen to see it later - but it's set a little in the future and they ask a supercomputer if there is evidence for or against the existence of a God. Obviously, it would have been simple (and meaningless) to present a trite answer, one way or the other. Instead, it left me thinking (and I am a follower of Jesus).

I avoid debating things like this because people on both sides seldom listen to each other - such debate is at best meaningless. But this film got me thinking a bit.

There are two possibilities: either the physical is all there is, or there is also a spiritual reality. If the former is true I'm sadly deluded - but since everything is the result of random unintelligent processes, does it matter? Surely atheists wouldn't be so opposed to something that didn't exist - especially since everything is a matter of chance and doesn't matter?

I can see why they should oppose religion. Some sad and unjustifiable things have been done in the name of religion. But just as religion has produced some very sad outcomes, so too have atheists shown some very sad behaviours - especially toward those who hold spiritual views.

In fact, that statement is a bit misleading. While some will oppose minor issues (e.g. homoeopathy), the strongest vitriol seems to be reserved for Christians. Religions are generally more or less tolerated - but they really get upset when people follow Jesus, who in their view stayed dead over 2000 years ago.

I really appreciated this argument between a believer and an atheist - not because the arguments were unusual - but because the points were divided - although it seems the atheist had not adequately thought through his logic.